P0001_Heart-shape of DNA Knots_Page_2.jpg

P0001_Heart-shape of DNA Knots

P0006_EGaIn Droplet Down Incline.jpg

P0006_EGaIn Droplet Down Incline



P0013_Growth and Relaxation of the Surface Instability Patterns_Page_2.jpg

P0013_Growth and Relaxation

P0017_Bending Plateau_s laws.jpg

P0017_Bending Plateau's laws

P0020_Transcendence of a thin film.jpg

P0020_Transcendence of a thin film

P0024_Blooming PLA.jpg




P0033_Controlling Active Droplets.jpg

P0033_Controlling Active Droplets

P0036_Particle stress and force chains in bidisperse frictional suspensions.png

P0036_Particle stress and force network

P0040_Wrinkles and developable cones in confined annular sheets.jpg

P0040_Wrinkles and developable cones

P0002_Assembling Giant Unilamellar Vesicles into tissue-like structures.jpg

P0002_Assembling Giant Unilamellar Vesicles

P0007_Colloidal bananas get to form wavy liquid crystals.jpg

P0007_Colloidal bananas

P0011_Evaportative self-assembly of polyethylene oxide_Page_1.jpg

P0011_Evaporative self-assembly

P0014_Granular Force Networks.jpg

P0014_Granular Force Networks

P0018_Birth and death of liquid crystalline 1D domains.jpg

P0018_Birth and death of 1D domains

P0022_Instabilities in Yield-Stress Fluid Sheets.jpg

P0022_Instabilities in Yield-Stress Fluid Sheets

P0025_Amplitude-dependent boundary modes in topological mechanical lattices_Page_1.jpg

P0025_Amplitude-dependent boundary modes

P0031_Mosaics of active turbulence.jpg

P0031_Mosaics of active turbulence

P0034_The Life of Robotic Swarms.jpg

P0034_The Life of Robotic Swarms

P0037_Under Pressure_ When Bubbles Crack.png

P0037_Under Pressure: When Bubbles Crack

P0005_Time will tell.jpg

P0005_Time will tell

P0008_Tribocharging-induced Self-organization of Microspheres.jpg


P0012_Engineered Thin Films.jpg

P0012_Engineered Thin Films

P0015_Granular Networks.jpg

P0015_Granular Networks

P0019_Left or Right_ How Liquid Crystals Around Droplets Twist.jpg

P0019_Left or Right

P0023_Frustrated Ceramics.jpg

P0023_Frustrated Ceramics

P0027_The sound of an active hexagon.jpg

P0027_The sound of an active hexagon

P0032_Keeping an eye on drying liquid crystals.jpg

P0032_Keeping an eye on drying liquid crystals

P0035_Inside an Avalanche.jpg

P0035_Inside an Avalanche

P0039_Lace in Space.jpg

P0039_Lace in Space

P0041_Flexible micropillar forest.jpg

P0041_Flexible micropillar forest